Why Our Customers Choose Us?

We Are Family Owned & Operated

We are truly a family owned and operated company and have been since 2006.

We Are Trustworthy

We are also reputable, dependable, ethical, licensed and bonded.

We Send The Same Team For Each Cleaning

Our customer turnover rate is very low. Why? Because when we send the same team for each cleaning. The results are consistent and dependable.

We Offer Environmentally Cleaning Products

For the well being of your family and pets.

Because A Clean Home Isn’t Just Nice…It’s Conducive To A Happy, Healthier, More Productive Family.

Doesn’t matter if your a busy professional or stay at home mom.  We think everyone can benefit from a clean home.


Not too mention its impressive to guests as well. Our white glove inspections will make sure their are no unseen corners full of dirt or dust.

Whether your having a party, or just want home cleaning service by a professional company, Octomaids has the reputation and experience to make your household more enjoyable.

Every home and family has different requirements and Octomaids can customize a plan that fits any household.

  • One time cleanings
  • Licensed, bonded cleaners
  • Same maids for each visit
  • Recurring services

Our Clients Say