Are You Planning to Move to Wilsonville, Oregon, Soon? Here’s What to Know

There are many exciting things to love about the charming city of Wilsonville, Oregon. You’ll enjoy how close it is to Portland and the Portland International Airport, but it’s an idyllic location found in the Pacific Northwest. Many people flock here!

Wilsonville, Oregon, is found in Willamette Valley, which is the ideal setting for an adventure. It has a small-town feel, and the community is close-knit, so you’ll love the place. Let’s learn more about it!

What Is It Like Living in Wilsonville, Oregon?

Clackamas County houses Wilsonville and many other small towns, and it’s found about 18 miles outside of Portland. Therefore, it’s great for commuters. Even though it’s close to a large city, it features family-friend neighborhoods.

Overall, Wilsonville has a lower crime rate than other towns nearby and is ranked as a primarily safe city. Residents can enjoy the local restaurants, explore nature, and become friends with the neighbors!

A Brief History

Wilsonville, Oregon, is about 18 miles from Portland and sits near the Willamette River. The Boone family established it in 1847 when they built Boones Ferry. Eventually, it grew into Wilsonville and was incorporated as a city in 1968.

Over the decades, it continued expanding and growing. Housing developments and shopping centers popped up, along with churches and a library. Now, it houses over 26,000 residents!

The Cost of Living

In most cases, the cost of living becomes a factor when moving to a new city. It’s important to think about housing, food, utilities, transportation, and other necessities. If you rent within Wilsonville, expect to earn $51,000 per year. Those who want to buy a house require $85,000 per year.

Housing Availability in Wilsonville, Oregon

Wilsonville is a prosperous and beautiful city with various housing options. The average home value is right around $700,000, though prices can range from $20 million to $220,000. Currently, this location is attracting young professionals and families.

The Best Neighborhoods

Everyone can benefit from a vibrant community like Wilsonville, Oregon. There are dream homes and high-end apartments, a golf course, and a neighborhood to meet any needs. Here are a few of the most popular options:

Villebois – This was inspired by European Villages and is a one-of-a-kind area. It features 2,300 homes and has apartments, townhouses, condos, and single-family residences. There are over 160 acres of trails and parks, but you can find retail and restaurant options intertwined within. Plus, there’s a basketball court, skate park, and volleyball court.

Charbonneau – This community was created in 1972 and is one of the first planned options. It’s generally for people 55 years and older and features detached homes, condominiums, rental apartments, an assisted living facility, and a small commercial district. The amenities are plentiful and include spas and swimming pools, tennis courts, a marina, secure RV parking, and so much more.

Frog Pond – This community is actually three connected neighborhoods, and only a portion is completed. It will be 500 acres total and have 2,000 homes when it’s finished in 2035. You can enjoy retail spaces, beautiful homes, and so much more.

Top Attractions

Whether you enjoy walking in the park or golfing, you’ll find many options available. Wilsonville, Oregon, has:

Parks – Memorial Park is a beautiful place, but Grahams Oak Nature Park and the Town Center Park are also excellent.

Golf/Recreation – You have Charbonneau Golf Club, Langdon Farms Golf Club, and even Kohl Creek Golf Course. Plus, there are many options for fitness, such as kayaking on the Willamette River.

Why Choose to Live in Wilsonville, Oregon

There are many benefits of living in Wilsonville, Oregon. For example, you’re close to many other cities with attractions, such as Mt. Hood, Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene. Likewise, you can find many things to do right near your home.

Wilsonville, Oregon, is definitely a great place to live!