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Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Pro

Maintaining a clean and organized home can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or energy to keep our homes clean and tidy all the time. This is where hiring a weekly house cleaning service can be extremely beneficial.

A weekly house cleaning service can help keep your home clean and organized without investing much time and effort. They will take care of the regular cleaning tasks and provide you with additional services such as laundry, dishes, and other specialized tasks.

There are many advantages to hiring a weekly house cleaning service. Continue reading to know why you should hire a maid service in Vancouver WA.

House Cleaning Gives You More Time For Yourself 

Hiring a weekly house cleaning service is similar to giving yourself weekly gifts. That is the most admirable form of self-care. When you make your home clean and clutter-free, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with crossing one task off your already lengthy to-do list.

If you hire people to clean your home once a week or twice a month, you’ll have more time to devote to the activities you enjoy and make you happy. Spending more time on activities you and your family enjoy rather than cleaning and polishing is best for your family.

House Cleaning Service Use Quality Supplies 

We also provide all of our cleaning supplies when the house cleaning service performs a weekly or biweekly cleaning of our home. We bring disinfectant, dusting spray, and glass cleaning. While you might occasionally require a couple of these things for maintenance tasks between cleanings and kitchen cleanups, you don’t need your cleaning supply closet as full as you formerly did.

It would be best to keep a better-stocked cabinet of cleaning products whether you hire a cleaning agency in Vancouver, WA or not, even with regular house cleaning services. Using a weekly house cleaning service, you can save money in many ways, including this one.

House Cleaning Maintains Cleanliness 

A cleaning company in Vancouver, WA frequently provides weekly, bimonthly, and monthly schedules. Even if it typically costs less than cleaning once a week, how much does a cleaning once every 30 days improve your home?

After cleaning, dirt and bacteria start to emerge just one day later. Your home looks like it has never had a professional cleaning the following month. Even if you handle the cleaning between appointments, you won’t reap the rewards of hiring a professional.

By hiring weekly house cleaning services, you may avoid the hassle of maintenance cleaning and get your home cleaned right when it looks unclean again. Keeping your house clean won’t take up much of your time.

House Cleaning Provides Upkeep 

A lot can happen between cleaning appointments if you hire a monthly cleaning service. If you have a dust allergy, dust accumulation could be a significant issue. You should generally vacuum your home once every one to two weeks if dust causes problems for you or your family due to allergies.

So, even if you engage in house cleaning in Vancouver, WA to come in once per month, you would still be in charge of any further dusting sessions or maintenance cleanings required throughout the month.

When you choose weekly or biweekly house cleaning services, your home will remain clean for the entire month. Additionally, we look after every last detail for you. We conduct labor-intensive cleaning and dusting, so you don’t have to.


Hiring a weekly house cleaning service provides several benefits, including saving time, energy, and money and promoting a healthier home. It also allows you to have consistent cleanliness in your home and the freedom to focus on other important tasks. 

Furthermore, when you hire a professional cleaning service, you can ensure the job will be done correctly and efficiently. With a weekly house cleaning service, you can keep your home looking and feeling its best without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Octomaids is dedicated to making it feasible for as many individuals as possible to live in a clean and healthy house because we believe everyone should have that opportunity. Hire a house cleaning in Vancouver WA! Book an estimate today. 


What Is It Like Living in Vancouver, Washington? The Many Things to Do and Explore

Are you thinking of moving to Vancouver, Washington? If so, you need to know if it’s a good place to live, and the answer is yes!You’ll fall in love with the miles of bike trails, awe-inspiring nature parks, restaurants with delicious foods, trendy shops, and panoramic mountain views.Overall, Vancouver, Washington, has about 180,000 residents, making it the fourth-largest city in the state. However, it’s considered a best-kept secret because of the beauty it provides.

What to Do in Vancouver

Vancouver has many attractions and amenities for visitors and residents. It’s a quick drive from Portland, so you can explore that area, as well. However, the state parks near this city have amazing nature trails. Therefore, most people spend their time outside. Let’s learn more!

Outdoor Activities

Overlooking the Cascade Mountain Range and the Columbia River, Vancouver is the top choice for beautiful cities in the country. It has many stunning parks and natural scenery, so most of the activities happen outdoors.For example, Esther Short Park is one of the oldest public squares in the west, and it’s a popular attraction. This 5-acre park sits in the heart of downtown Vancouver. However, you also have other options, such as Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park, Vancouver Lake Park, and Salmon Creek Park.

Local Attractions

Vancouver has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. Therefore, the heritage is amazing to learn about and experience. There are many great architectural pieces and historical sites to view.At the frontlines for architectural splendor in Vancouver, you have Officer’s Row. You drive along the street to see 21 fully restored Victorian homes. They’d been built initially for military officers in the Vancouver Barracks.

Did you know that Vancouver was home to many famous residents? People like George C. Marshall, General O.O. Howard House, and Ulysses S. Grant lived here. Their homes are mostly privately owned. However, visitors can tour two of those homes, including George C. Marshall’s place.

Likewise, it’s always okay to walk down or drive down the street and admire the architecture from afar.

When you’ve done that, you can still experience the Chatlapotle Plankhouse, Pearson Air Museum, and Fort Vancouver. They’re all amazing and will help you feel a connection with the place you call home.

Nightlife and Restaurants

Portland is right across the river, and most people moving to Vancouver believe they must travel there or farther away to Seattle to experience the excellent nightlife. However, that’s far from the truth! Vancouver has many pubs and microbreweries, and there’s an easy-going vibe within the city. In fact, it’s similar to Portland, but it’s on a much smaller scale!

If you head to downtown Vancouver, you’ll find many hangout places that offer happy hour specials, such as the Thai Orchid and the Main Event Sports Grill. However, if you’re focused on finding microbreweries, you should try Trusty Brewing Company and Loowit Brewing. They both offer live music during the weekend and locally-sourced brews.

Uptown Vancouver also has themed bars, such as UnderBar and Tip Top Tavern.

Those who prefer good food above all else don’t have to leave Vancouver to get it. Southern Girl Delights features catfish, shrimp, and so many other delicious things you just have to try. If you’re in the mood for something French, C’est La Vie is a small café that offers crepes and coffees, among other things.

Vancouver – A Great Place to Live

Vancouver has a rich history, and many people flock here to see the Victorian architecture and learn of its past. Others prefer the natural scenery. Regardless, it gives residents a small-town feel, but it’s quite large. You’ll absolutely love to live here and experience all that it has to offer.

The best solution for your regular cleaning needs and for special situations is to contact a professional housekeeping service.