What’s It Like Living in Sunnyside, Oregon? Everything to Know

Sunnyside, Oregon, is located right in Southeast Portland. Surrounding neighborhoods include Richmond, Mount Tabor, Laurelhurst, Kerns, and Buckman. The area also houses the Belmont District and part of the Hawthorn District.

If you’re planning to move to Sunnyside, it’s important to know what’s available. You’ll learn about the streets, restaurants, and other things to do in the area today!

Neighborhood Streets

The neighborhood is very unique, even by the standards associated with Portland. Sunnyside, Oregon, encompasses the two most well-known and vibrant streets in the city – Hawthorne and Belmont. They have much to offer, and we’ll explain that a little below:

Belmont District

Those who want to dive into Sunnyside headfirst should consider Belmont. The street has many shops, theaters, restaurants, and oddities. From the largest video rental shop to a nickel arcade, this area has a culture like no other.

Hawthorne District

The neighborhood of Sunnyside covers the north half of Hawthorne Boulevard. However, you can’t split the street, so we’re talking about it as one place. It’s full of life and has many boutiques and stores. The highlights include vintage shops and the Baghdad Theater.

Peacock Lane

While this street spans a few blocks, it’s in the heart of the city and is a huge tourist attraction. The residents love Christmas, and you can find brightly lit homes, horse-drawn carriages, and so much more.

The locals say they started the tradition of Christmas lights in the 1920s or 1940s. Roughly 35 homes are on this stretch of road, and every single one gets decked out for the holiday season. If you choose to live on Peacock Lane, expect to partake of the spirit. There’s no written rule, but the residents might frown at you if you don’t!

Noteworthy Businesses in Sunnyside

Most of the neighborhood is tied to Hawthorne and Belmont, but there are other sights to see here. You should think of stopping by these businesses:


Portland has tons of healthy eating options, and the Canteen is one of them. The creators wanted to serve the best organic dishes, so each item is local and fresh.

The menu is quite simple and includes parfaits, oatmeal, and fruits/granola for breakfast. Lunch includes unique bowls with rice and quinoa, and there’s always steamed broccoli and kale!

Hobnob Grille

Belmont Street houses this eclectic bar and grill, so you can always get a delicious brew and burger. It also offers diverse specials each week, which cover vegan entrees, burgers, and cocktails.

Happy hour is always a popular time, and the discounted menu will have you trying new things. If you need a down-home place to hang out with friends, you can’t beat this bar and grill! The owners want you to come each day, so they offer a themed night. For example, you can get burgers on Thursdays and wings on Mondays!

Belmont Station

One cool thing about Belmont Station is that it’s actually on Stark Street. Portland has many pubs and microbreweries, so you’re never far from a delicious beer. However, if you prefer exotic, domestic, and local beverages, this place has you covered.

There are more than 1,400 different items available at any time. Plus, the proprietors are serious about maintaining and storing the selection. UV-filtered lights shine on each bottle so that they don’t spoil!

Parks in Sunnyside

Sunnyside School Park is the only option located within the town’s borders, but Laurelhurst Park is on Stark Street, and there are others in adjacent neighborhoods!

Why Live in Sunnyside, Oregon?

If you’re planning to move to Sunnyside, Oregon, you will surely enjoy it. The area is close enough to downtown Portland, meaning you can experience everything it offers without having to live the city lifestyle. Overall, this is the perfect mesh of quiet and lively!