Why Octomaids?

We are a woman/minority, family owned business!


We Guarantee The Same Staff For Every Visit! Our customer turnover rate is less than 5%. Dependable, Consistent, and Trustworthy!


1.   Communications

Octomaids Bilingual Staff Are Always Ready To Communicate Pertinent Notes and Minutia To Your Service Providers So You DON’T Have To                   

  For example:

Alarm codes and instructions?
Need some plants watered?  
“Don’t let the pets out”?  
 “Clean the inside of the refrigerator on this visit”?
 “Please cancel this coming appointment”? 
“Please change my arrrival time”?
 “I have special products I would like used on my delicate surfaces in my home or due to allergies”? 
“Please call me when my service provider arrives or prior so that I can meet them at my home or location”?
” I paid extra for some additional services that were not performed and I would like a refund or would like them to return”
.”Something was broken in my home and I need some assistance with a replacement or credit on my bill”.

It’s been our experience that homeowners may prefer to occasionally leave a little note with special requests and/or comments for their service provider. Well, its also been our experience that those homeowners have relied on us to communicate those little details to their service provider usually due to the fact their service provider did not fully understand the notes. That is why we have them snap a picture and send that to us, at which point we can coordinate with them on your precise needs and requests.


2.  Secured Payments

Most workers and/or individually owned small companies are a little technologically primitive in their handling of sensitive information such as credit card numbers etc. Jotting this down on a piece of paper or napkin, or saving it in your smartphone or pc is not a good idea.

Solution: Our hardware and software is always PCI Compliant and that means sensitive payment data is encrypted utilizing a robust encryption algorithm. and safeguarded against potential careless handling or theft. We are required to use only PCI DSS Validated service providers.

Addtionally, if you need to postpone or cancel your service, you can let us know and we will be sure to refrain from posting any payments from your account for your regularly scheduled service.


3. Coordination and Scheduling

Your service provider will have more time to keep your home healthy, maintained, and clean when they don’t have to worry about all the other details, minutia, scheduling, invoicing, payments etc.

There is no substitute for a professional scheduling and communications application. Your service provider does not utilize these sophisticated applications in most cases or may not know how.


There are many details and considerations with service based appointments, besides the obvious quality of service, that require professional administration and coordination to ensure a satisfactory experience from beginning to end each and every time. That is where ‘Octomaids comes in. We provide real value and benefits to both the homeowner and service professional.