What Makes Happy Valley, Oregon, so Special? Find All the Answers Here

You may have heard people claiming that Happy Valley is currently one of the best places to live in Oregon. Even though the name “Happy Valley” may already give you a hint, what can you expect from it? This page has all the answers for you!

Happy Valley is located in Clackamas County, particularly near its northwest edge, and it’s about 10 miles to the southeast of Portland (downtown). The city was settled by Matilda and Christian Deardorff back in 1850.

They received about 640 acres from the “Donation Land Claim Act” that year, and then, the place was known as “Deardorff Valley,” “Christilla Valley,” and “Deardorff Settlement.”

It wasn’t until 1965 when Happy Valley was incorporated as a city, and after the 1990s went by, this city became one of the fastest-growing ones in the state. According to the 2020 census, Happy Valley had a population of over 23,000 at the time, and it has even more today.

Why Is Happy Valley, Oregon, Considered One of the Best Places to Live in the State?

One of the reasons why Happy Valley is loved by many is that it’s a family-friendly city, and it has many neighborhoods. Residents also claim the city has affordable living conditions, low crime rates, and many job opportunities for those who need them.

However, one main factor that many people agree on is that Happy Valley is a beautiful place to live in. Besides the city having a lot of history, you will enjoy some of the best views that Oregon has to offer.

Overall, you can expect a sparse suburban feel when living in Happy Valley, and according to research, most people own their homes.

What Can You Do in Happy Valley, Oregon?

Now that we’ve talked about how living in Happy Valley feels like, let’s address all the fun activities you can do there.

Happy Valley has many different areas you can visit, such as:


  • Clackamas Town Center Mall
  • Escapology Escape Games – Clackamas, OR
  • Gloria’z Pub & Grill
  • The Heritage Pub
  • Cascade Cigar & Tobacco

However, remember that Happy Valley is also known for its extensive and beautiful natural areas. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can visit any of the following places:

  • Mount Talbert Nature Park
  • Eagle Landing Golf Course
  • Hidden Falls Nature Park
  • Pendarvis Farm
  • And more!

On the other hand, if you want a place that feels fun for your children, you can visit the “Happy Valley Park,” which is guaranteed to put a smile on your kid’s face!

Some places like “Multnomah Falls” and “Gorge Waterfalls” have people who offer guided tours, so if you want to make your experience even better, feel free to research these activities.

Wrapping Up | Is Happy Valley Worth It?

Happy Valley stands out because of its wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, low cost of living, and friendly community. Several residents claim they love the area because of how calm and relaxing it feels every day.

The only downside to Happy Valley is that it’s one of the rainiest cities in Portland’s metro area. However, if you don’t mind that, then this can be the perfect place to visit or live in!