Forest Grove, Oregon | Everything This Beautiful City Has to Offer

Forest Grove was settled in 1840 and formally incorporated in 1872, and it’s currently known for its “botanically-inspired” feeling. It’s located in Washington County, Oregon, and while it was once a small farm town, it has grown to become a commuter town in Portland’s metro area.

What Can You Find When Discovering Forest Grove, Oregon?

This town has several tree-lined streets, which are accompanied by turn-of-the-century homes that make it look more appealing. Moreover, Forest Grove hosts some of Oregon’s finest wineries

Generally speaking, when you’re exploring/discovering Forest Grove, you will get greeted by a lot of nature. The city gives everyone a breath of fresh air, and there are also several places where you can take beautiful photos or just enjoy the scenery.

Even though Forest Grove has plenty of apartments and homes built in the 1950s, you can also find modern, full-amenity housing options in some areas. Overall, Forest Grove is considered a full-service city for people who want to live, work, or entertain themselves there.

What Makes Forest Grove Interesting?

There are many things that make Forest Grove popular and attractive to people. If you’re a tourist, for example, you will find one of the largest Giant Sequoia trees of the state in this city.

What Activities Can You Do When Visiting Forest Grove, Oregon?

You won’t fall short when it comes to doing activities in Forest Grove, Oregon. Regardless of what you’re into, you can visit any of the following areas:

  • Apolloni Vineyards
  • McMenamins Grand Lodge
  • SakéOne
  • David Hill Vineyards & Winery
  • Scoggins Valley Park
  • Henry Hagg Lake
  • Waltz Brewing
  • Fernhill Gardens
  • Tualatin Estate Vineyards
  • Fernhill Wetlands Park

As you can see, most of the options include wineries, lakes, and parks, so if you’re setting up for a relaxing vacation, then Forest Grove can be a unique trip to make this year. Even though this town seems to have a “traditional” look and feel, you can rest assured that there are many fun things you can start doing as soon as you get there.

Even if you don’t find activities that seem appealing to you, keep in mind the community does entertaining events all year long, which are meant to celebrate the city’s nature, heritage, and more. Feel free to join!

Is Forest Grove, Oregon, a Good Place to Live?

Overall, most residents consider Forest Grove, Oregon, an excellent place to live. They refer to the city as a calm and quiet one, and since it’s only 45 minutes away from Portland, you’re not as far from other places as you may think.

Furthermore, Forest Grove is known for having an excellent downtown side to it. It has amazing food, fun parks, and overall gentle and nice people.

If you’re looking for a place that checks the “small town” requirement, then Forest Grove is one of the best local communities you can check out. It has plenty of resources for young families too, so rest assured you’re all covered.

Wrapping Up

Forest Grove combines urban and rural elements, making it an interesting place to live or visit. You definitely won’t regret a second of being in this lovely town.