What Does Fairview, Oregon, Have in Store for You? Let’s Find Out!

Fairview is located in Multnomah County, Oregon, and it has more history than you would think. It was incorporated back in 1908, but its story dates back to 1806 when the “Lewis and Clark” expedition went near the Columbia River (which was the previous name for the area). In that area, there was a village where Chinookan Indians from the Multnomah tribe lived.

Even though Fairview is seen as a relatively small city compared to other ones, it’s still considered an amazing place to live, work, and relax.

This article will cover everything you should know about Fairview, Oregon, so if you’re interested in visiting the city soon, then you better have all these resources fresh in your mind!

Exploring the City of Fairview, Oregon

Historically, Fairview has been a residential and farming community. In fact, Fairview is one of Oregon’s largest berry producers, with “Townsend Farms” being one of the largest businesses throughout the city.

Something that makes Fairview, Oregon, unique is its natural features. One of its most popular ones is Fairview Creek, which flows from the southern edge of the city to Fairview Lake. You can also look at Blue Lake, which is between the Columbia River and Fairview Lake.

Finally, there are plenty of historical landmarks you can check out, including Fairview’s two-cell jail, which was built back in 1915. There’s also a former Indian village located around Blue Lake Park that has been used as an archeological study area.

Tourists may also find the Heslin Family House interesting. It was built around the 1890s, and it represents how Western Farmhouse architecture was popular back then.

Why Is Fairview, Oregon Popular?

This city is popular because of all the history that comes with it. Fairview is an attractive option for tourists, but it can also be a great place for residents who want a relaxing city that mixes urban and suburban feels.

What Can People Do in Fairview, Oregon?

Fairview hosts many different coffee shops, restaurants, historical landmarks, and more. Rest assured you’ll never get bored with everything this city offers.

If you’re going on a trip, you can consider visiting the following areas:

  • Blue Lake Regional Park
  • Salish Ponds Wetland Park
  • Blue Lake Disc Golf Course
  • Heslin House Museum
  • Fairview City Jail

There are also other places that, while they aren’t as popular, they still will give you an excellent experience. Those include:

  • The Stagecoach Saloon
  • Fairview FPC Distilling Tasting Room
  • Alexs-Bar
Is Fairview, Oregon, a Nice Place to Live?

Fairview is considered, by many, an excellent place to live. Besides offering a great urban-suburban mix, it’s still relatively close to Portland and Gresham, so you’re not that far from other places in Oregon.

Other factors that make Fairview great include its living costs, low crime rates, education options, and low poverty rates.

If you prefer cities with bigger populations, then Fairview may not be the one for you. However, many people move to Fairview precisely because of its low population size, so it depends on each person.

Bottom Line

Fairview is one of the best cities in Oregon for those who enjoy exploring history in general. There are many interesting places to visit, and you’ll definitely learn many things on your next trip there.